Hiberus arrives in UK

Formed in 2012, Hiberus Tecnología is established in Spain as a leading company in the technology consulting sector. The UK Director for Hiberus, a former consultant for Accenture, EY, and Slalom, Cecil Adjalo, has expressed that there is a shortage of great technology talent in the UK. He states, "The tech sector has an incessant barrage of new software and hardware that is cheaper, faster and easier to use. Companies and institutions are not training people fast enough to use these new technologies and we are increasingly relying on imported talent to accomplish our aspirations". One in six new hires between 2009 and 2015 in the tech sector were EU citizens, according to techUK. Although it is not yet understand the full implications that Brexit will have, there is widespread belief that the technology talent coming from Europe will be negatively affected.

Hiberus UK will enable clients in the UK to use the swelling talent in Spain to completely change their models of project delivery whilst promoting innovation, maintaining quality and slashing costs

Sergio López, the CEO at Hiberus Tecnología is similarly optimistic about the UK market. Post-Brexit may see increased cost of technology talent and this is why Hiberus UK presents a great opportunity to improve a company's ability to evolve despite the challenges.

We are able to see opportunities where others see problems, in fact our rapid growth has taken place during the Spanish recession, therefore Brexit should not be a problem but a challenge for British businesses to grow in a more competitive market

“In recent years we have managed to adapt to the complicated states of markets through a service model based on a value chain and a flexible structure, which has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We managed to bring products and services both inside and outside of Spain.The challenge of internationalization is a key strategic step and necessary to continue with our level of growth”, says Sergio López. "Our motto, “As fast as a start-up and as reliable as a multinational”, communicates our core essence that differentiates us from the big consulting corporations. Hiberus is tremendously flexible and accomplishes the most challenging and tedious projects."


The Deloitte 2016 Global Sourcing Survey found that "Companies are broadening their approach to outsourcing as they begin to view it as more than a simple cost-cutting play". Companies are looking to gain advantages in innovation with their technology suppliers. A 2015 survey by techUK found 94% of techUK members were positive about the sector’s potential for growth over the next two years. The biggest driver for optimism was a customer base across the public and private sector focused on innovation (89%) which drives the market for their products and services". This continues to be the case as we head into the unknowns of 2018 and companies like Hiberus will offer a bolstering advantage to their UK clients.