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Centralise the booking of resources in your organisation and improve the experience of employees and customers.


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Book-me is a solution for booking corporate spaces and resources, such as meeting rooms, workstations and parking spaces, which saves time and improves productivity thanks to efficient, centralised, multi-channel and multi-platform management of all spaces and resources.

Modular and customisable


Centralised reservations





Book all you need



Meeting rooms

Allows users to consult the characteristics, location, capacity and technical means of the available meeting rooms before making the reservation, and to manage the check-in once it has been formalised.



Controls the occupation of the office by rooms or floors and offers users the possibility of reserving their place in advance or on the spot, either on a one-off or recurring basis, as well as managing the check-in via QR.


Parking spaces

Manage reservations and access authorisations for parking spaces, integrate with automatic opening devices and QR, control occupancy and consult usage statistics.


Other resources

Manage the booking of any resource or space: canteen stalls, workshops, courts and courts, leisure areas, lockers, changing rooms, sports equipment, tools, vehicles, electric charging points, etc.

Creating the best workplace


Intelligent analytics


Monitors office performance and extracts KPIs, reports and reports based on actual attendance and occupancy. Optimises and designs space based on usage trends and booking statistics to optimise the user experience.


Space, resource and user management


Configure the available offices, locations and resources, manage the users who have permission to book resources, bulk upload the annual calendar of offices and resources and configure the look and feel of the platform according to your needs.

Availability control


Visualise which resources are available at any given time based on user bookings on an interactive occupancy map. Use the filters offered by the platform to consult the resources reserved by location, office, date or user.


Control and management via QR


Identify with a QR the building, the floor or the resource to track the arrival and departure times of the spaces by users. In this way, you will be able to exercise optimum control of your workspace.

Self-booking management


Allows users to book resources on a one-off or recurring basis with the possibility of selecting alternate days of the week and displaying available seats according to dates. Once the booking has been formalised, they can consult, manage, cancel and modify it.



 Why Book-me



Integrable with other systems


Book-me connects with office locator and points of interest, as well as with other systems, solutions and technologies.


Modular and customisable


It is a scalable, modular and configurable solution whose appearance and calendars can be adapted to the client's needs.




Book-me is compatible with the main calendars on the market, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.


Centralised bookings


It allows you to manage the booking of all the spaces and resources available in the office from a single centralised interface.


Collaboration base


Gives teams the autonomy to self-organise their workspace.




Users can access space reservations from any browser and device at any time.




Adapts quickly to the changing requirements of the hybrid working model.


Optimised and monitored


It is a stable and continuously evolving solution that offers indicators that make resource management more efficient.

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Managing the reservation of resources and spaces in the company has advantages such as the following:

  • Efficient workspace. It helps to have well-structured offices, which translates into an optimisation of the company's internal processes and an improvement in employee productivity.
  • Optimal resource management. Data and reports on occupancy and usability enable better resource management decisions, ensuring productive use and avoiding over-occupation.
  • Increased flexibility. Facilitates the adoption of hybrid working models or trends such as hot desking, giving employees greater flexibility.
  • Fewer interruptions. Knowing the precise date and time of a resource's reservation avoids interruptions during the working day.
  • Greater convenience. Employees don't have to search for a place to sit, a room to meet, a place to park or a locker to store their belongings, as they can book the resource they need in advance.

When workspaces are correctly ordered and assigned, management processes are optimised, productivity and efficiency are increased and a healthy and comfortable working environment is generated for the worker. This is why it is advisable to use workspace booking applications such as Book-me.


Thanks to our space booking system, you will not only be able to control the availability of resources, but you will also avoid duplicate bookings for the same room and reduce abandoned rooms or spaces. You can even manage hybrid work teams in an optimal way.


In addition, Book-me offers reports, reports and KPIs on attendance and occupancy that allow you to make more productive use of resources and make decisions aimed at optimising and designing the best workspace.

Book-me is a booking management system that supports the flexible and hybrid working model by allowing employees to have all the resources they need to carry out their work in the office without interruptions or incidents.


It also provides the ability to obtain information on peak and off-peak periods and to identify the most booked resources. This information can be used to manage and redesign the workspace in order to make the most of all resources, avoid incidents and create a favourable working environment.


In short, Book-me helps to improve the experience, satisfaction, efficiency and productivity of employees in the workspace thanks to the effective management of resources and spaces.


In addition, our software adapts to the needs of any company, as it offers the possibility of managing resources as diverse as workshops, courts and courts, fitting rooms, loading and unloading docks or electric recharging points, among others.

Start optimising your working environment with Book-me