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Tiketee is a comprehensive online ticketing system that offers complete traceability in managing ticket sales and reservations, access control, and capacity management.

It's designed for any venue or activity that requires entry access control, such as museums, cultural events, amusement parks, and leisure venues.


Fully customizable


Scalable and robust


Quick and easy purchasing



A Universal Solution for the Leisure and Culture Industry


Enhancing Visitor Experience

Online ticketing system.


Users can buy tickets from anywhere and at any time through their mobile devices in three quick and easy steps, without needing to visit the ticket booth.


  • View zones and prices on a dynamic map based on different product categories
  • Seat selection
  • Various payment methods
  • Named tickets
  • Passbook and PDF tickets

Access control.


This system provides convenient and fast access to facilities, reducing entry queues and ensuring event security and capacity control.


  • Acceso con el móvil con las entradas en formato Passbook o imprimiendo la entrada en formato pdf
  • Ticket validation through a reading app
  • Error information for access issues

Subscriber system.


Enables creating cycles that group different shows, allowing a single spectator to reserve a specific seat at a discounted price.


  • Online subscriber renewal
  • Quick ticket collection without additional waiting




Ticket booth.


The operator system facilitates ticket issuance through authorized sales points and various sales channels: website, call center, official store, etc.


  • Ticket printing without visiting the booth and without waiting
  • Automated ticket kiosks for queue-free ticket issuance

Invitation system.


Tiketee allows creating personalized invitations for sponsors to grant them access to premium events.


  • Grouping all invitations into a PDF document for quick and easy delivery via a single email
  • List of invitations for reference and analysis
  • Named tickets



The support and sales service ensures optimal management of the entire ticket sales process.

  • Telephone support and remote connection through web, mobile, or tablet
  • Available 24/7 throughout the year

Space, Ticket, and Order Management


Availability control.

With Tiketee, administrators can manage event dates, configure different time slots, and establish various entry categories.

Reports and statistics.

Offers real-time information on sales by entry type or price, reservations, access, capacity, and revenue, as well as a historical sales summary.

Order management.

The platform administrator can access comprehensive information about purchases, cancel orders, refund amounts, download tickets, and resend emails.

Why Choose Tiketee


Proven solution

Tiketee is a highly sought-after solution with over two decades in the market. It's been implemented in more than 200 nationally and internationally recognized venues.
icono escalabilidad y robustez

Scalability and robustness

A modular, powerful, scalable, and expandable solution that offers flexibility to clients by allowing the progressive incorporation of functionalities.
icono personalización


Tiketee can be implemented in any venue, regardless of size, capacity, and sessions, adapting to the unique needs and characteristics of each one.
icono gestión multicanal

Multichannel management

Ticket sales can be built across different sales channels, all sharing a real-time controlled capacity. These channels can be configured independently.
icono datos en tiempo real

Real-time data.

Generated data helps quickly correct errors and identify customer preferences for personalized actions to enhance experience and increase loyalty.
icono integracion sencilla

Easy integration

Links with any third-party sales platform and allows connecting various agents to the ticketing system while maintaining a single global capacity.

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t's an electronic system that allows or denies a visitor's access to a venue or event by validating their identification through various reading methods, such as biometrics or QR code scanning.

This system ensures event security and facilitates organization within the venue by preventing exceeding the maximum allowed capacity. In Tiketee's case, the access control system also prevents ticket resale. When a visitor enters the venue, they must show their identification, which must match the details on the named ticket, thus preventing unauthorized access.

Implementing ticketing software brings benefits such as:

  • Improved communication quality, customer service, and satisfaction
  • Reduced accumulated incidents and faster query resolution
  • Enhanced user experience through omnichannel and personalized support
  • Quick error detection through real-time monitoring and data retrieval
  • Increased efficiency, time, and cost savings through automation

Online ticketing tools allow visitors to buy tickets from anywhere, anytime via mobile devices without visiting a ticket booth. With Tiketee, the purchasing process is completed in just three steps: ticket selection, personal data input, and payment method choice.

When purchasing, visitors have a full view of all zones and prices, making seat selection easy. Apart from expediting ticket sales, Tiketee ensures fast and convenient access to the venue, minimizing waiting times.

Finally, ticketing tools help companies manage incidents more quickly and efficiently. In Tiketee's case, this improved management is possible through its support service and real-time data retrieval, which facilitates prompt error correction.

Tiketee's multichannel management provides autonomy in configuring different sales channels, with each managed independently concerning products for sale and pricing. This allows administrators to create new venues and their layouts, reserve seats for specific events, and create shows with specific tickets and rates per channel.

For example, you can configure one type of ticket to be available only at the booth and not online (or vice versa). Commissions for one or multiple channels can be established, or tickets can be sold solely through the booth or online, among many other options.

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