Cloud-based Contract and Document Management Software

Enhance efficiency, security, and productivity in contract management


The platform

Atlas Automate is a cloud-based contract document management software that allows centralizing, organizing, and gaining a comprehensive view of all company contracts in a single platform. This streamlines access and document retrieval for the entire team.

Our tool also provides scheduled alerts and reminders to prevent the loss of important contracts, meet deadlines and contractual obligations, and optimize management across all departments


Responsive Application


Customization and Flexibility


Integration with SharePoint and Power BI

Contracts Always Organized and Updated


Creation of Templates and Sheets


With Atlas Automate, you can create templates by business and various sheets based on document types, such as real estate, suppliers, insurance, vehicles, services, financing, guarantees, minutes, deeds, notifications, and taxes, among others.


Calendar, Pending Tasks, and Alarms


Atlas Automate allows scheduling contracts, viewing elements associated with each user, and finding events based on start or end dates, regulations, and element statuses. It also includes a section for pending tasks assigned to each user with due dates.


It's also possible to set alarms and reminders for renewal or termination, even for users outside the organization. Automatic alerts ensure that contracts are always up-to-date and that deadlines and contractual obligations are consistently met.

Integration with SharePoint for Efficient, Collaborative, and Secure Management


The integration of Atlas Automate with SharePoint helps simplify contractual processes, enhance communication and coordination, and ensure compliance with company security policies.

Centralization and Quick Access to Contracts

Centralizing contracts from all departments in a single cloud-based location ensures fast access and eliminates the need to search for scattered documents in different systems or physical locations.

With Atlas Automate, it's possible to securely share contracts, documents, and comments, enhancing communication and coordination among teams involved in contract management.


Moreover, it allows establishing customized workflows in SharePoint to streamline contract approval and review, ensuring efficient and seamless management.

SharePoint provides a robust security infrastructure and access control. By integrating with Atlas Automate, it ensures that important contracts are protected.


With this multi-organizational tool, user permissions and customized roles can be established to ensure that each department can access only authorized documents, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with the company's internal security policies.

Integration with Power BI for Informed Strategic Decision-Making



The integration of Atlas Automate with Power BI provides a comprehensive view of contracts and a deep understanding of their impact on business performance, aiding in data-driven strategic decision-making.



Exporting Data to Power BI

Allows extracting relevant contract data and intuitively visualizing it in dynamic custom dashboards.


With Power BI, detailed reports, interactive graphs, and control panels can be created, offering a real-time view of contract status, identifying trends, opportunities, and potential risks.

It allows analyzing contract performance, identifying areas for improvement, predicting patterns, and taking proactive actions to maximize benefits and minimize risks.

Why Atlas Automate


Personalization and Adaptability

With the ability to define organizational structure and customize text fields, Atlas Automate adapts to each company's terminology, needs, and structure.

Integration Ease

It can integrate with other business tools such as project management software and CRM to improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce the risk of errors.

Access Control

Allows configuring access permissions by department and user permissions to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized access.

Support and Training

It has a highly trained support team that assists with Atlas Automate implementation. Additionally, it offers user training to maximize solution utilization.

Flexible Subscription

Offers customized plans tailored to each company's contract management needs. Besides being completely flexible, implementation is quick and cost-effective.

Responsive and Intuitive Application

Atlas Automate is an intuitive, quick-to-learn, and easy-to-use tool with a responsive design that ensures optimal visibility and usability on mobile devices.

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A document manager is a digital space designed to organize, manage, store, and centralize all the documents of an organization in a single place. Its function is to keep files organized, categorized, protected, and available for company members to access them easily, quickly, and securely.


A document manager can be either local or cloud-based: local ones are installed on a computer and allow managing documents stored on it, while cloud-based managers are hosted on external servers and enable access to documents from anywhere and at any time.

Contract management software helps increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining and automating a multitude of processes and tasks. Furthermore, we can benefit from advantages such as the following:

  • Digitization and preservation of documents
  • Centralization of information
  • Security and controlled document access
  • Time savings and cost reduction
  • Improved collaboration between departments
  • Reduction of lost or duplicated documents
  • Compliance with security regulations
  • Physical archive space liberation Information exchange

According to a Forrester Research study, companies can lose up to 9% of their annual revenue due to inefficient document management. In addition to causing significant financial losses, the lack of control over contracts can lead to penalties and legal conflicts.


Atlas Automate helps address the issue of lack of organization and control in contract management, a situation that often occurs in companies with numerous departments and large volumes of documents. By keeping contracts organized, companies will avoid experiencing financial losses and achieve optimal contract management.

Atlas Automate stands out for its unique value proposition in team organization and contract management by offering the ability to customize the tool according to the company's needs, schedule contracts, and create expiration alerts.


Furthermore, it allows integration with other cloud solutions like SharePoint, which helps leverage the company's existing infrastructure and tools for a more comprehensive and efficient contract management.

Keep Your Company Always Organized with Atlas Automate