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KVP is a modular solution developed by hiberus that enables planning, saving, and controlling HR management in large workforces.


It's the leading platform for operational work shift management, labor services, shift rotations, routes, rounds, and breaks. It allows managing points of sale, recording work hours, receiving vacation requests, and detecting incidents or events.


Flexible configuration


5 versions


Combinable modules

A Customizable Solution


KVP is a modular and fully configurable solution that adapts to any client and industry, thanks to its five available versions:

Centralizes management on a single platform

Workforce management


Plan, control, and manage employee worked hours, permits, vacations, and incidents online.

  • Operational shifts by service, center, and employee
  • Staff availability check
  • Clockings, rounds, and routes control
  • Alert, alarm, and incident management
  • Structure, location, and service quality management
gestión fuerza laboral
portal del empleado

Employee portal


Simplifies daily operations, streamlines permit and vacation requests, and manages effective work time.

  • Link clockings to previously planned shifts
  • Clocking through app, biometric devices, NFC, etc.
  • Absence and permit management
  • Real-time work report generation with digital signature
  • Real-time surveillance rounds with manual, NFC, or QR control point reading for geolocation and synchronization

Payroll management


Automatically manage payrolls and reports, and control costs in compliance with current regulations from Social Security, SEPE, and Income Tax.

  • Collective agreement management
  • Official form generation
  • Centralized absence and vacation management
  • Gender equality plan
  • Complete integration with other KVP modules in real-time
  • Official form generation
  • Option for payroll BPO or integration with other HR tools
gestión de nóminas
gestión operaciones

Operations management


Enhances operation effectiveness and automates management. Optimizes negotiated service structure with clients to ensure project profitability.

  • Stock control, movement, order processing, production status, and staff dedication
  • Automation of order reception, preparation, and dispatch
  • Definition of contracted coverage needs and billing prices
  • Budget breakdown, concept grouping, and automatic status change
  • Immediate information supply to tax agency

Why Choose KVP


Adapts to any client and industry.


Incorporate new functionalities and custom modules.


Multilingual, multi-company, multi-delegation, and multi-user.


Integrates with all business solutions.


Automates shift and roster generation.


Rapidly incorporates changes in legislation.

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A work shift management system is a software program that allows easy configuration and organization of rotating shifts and schedules for a company's employees. It can be used in both small and large companies.

25% of workers in Spain work in shifts. In such cases, managing and organizing staff rotation can be complex without the right tools. That's why having a system that facilitates and simplifies this process is crucial.


With our work shift management software, KVP, you can automate the planning of schedules and rosters, ensuring no empty shifts, no overlapping, and compliance with legally mandated rest periods.


This not only optimizes resources and productivity but also saves time and reduces errors that can affect worker performance and organization efficiency.

Employee presence tracking is a system where a company records the hours worked by each of its employees, from when they start their workday to when it ends.


Since 2019, all Spanish companies are required to implement this control due to the publication of the Royal Decree-law on time tracking. This legislation establishes requirements such as:


  • All companies must maintain employee time records regardless of their work schedule
  • Daily registration of employees' entry and exit times, as well as overtime, breaks, shifts, on-call duty, and vacation days
  • The company must retain these records for four years
  • Employee and unions must have access to these records
  • Employees must know their work schedule distribution and duration
  • Unions must know the monthly overtime worked by employees. To comply with this time tracking regulation, tools like KVP exist, making the process quick and straightforward


In addition to being legally required according to Royal Decree 8/2019, presence control is extremely valuable for companies. It provides precise insight into the hours each employee dedicates to work.


This allows employers to verify if their staff adheres to their schedules and takes the breaks mandated by law. This control system is especially useful for analyzing punctuality and detecting unjustified absenteeism, where employees miss work without apparent reason.


Presence control also benefits employees by reducing the possibility of labor abuse, where companies force employees into overtime without compensation. It also allows employees to flexibly manage their schedules and time more effectively.

A work roster, also known as a shift roster, is a table that contains information about the shifts of a company's employees. It can be created monthly, quarterly, or annually, and its purpose is to manage, plan, and organize human resources according to the required time slots.

While companies aren't legally required to have a work roster, it's an essential tool for keeping the workforce organized and maintaining control over employee schedules, especially in organizations with rotating shifts.


In addition to helping companies organize and supervise various shifts in workplaces with rotating schedules, it also benefits employees. Work rosters allow employees to know their schedules, workdays, and vacation periods well in advance, enabling them to better plan their work and personal lives.

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