Hiberus, approved provider of the UK government.

Brexit poses a significant IT challenge for private companies and the UK government. With all challenges, however, come opportunities and Hiberus have started to operate delivery models to help alleviate the IT talent-related problems of UK leaving the EU. There is widespread belief that due to already existing talent shortages, the cost of acquiring and maintaining a skilled technology team will increase, and for this reason, the Hiberus UK arm will focus on a business model based on nearshore service delivery whereby skilled professionals in Spain will work remotely for UK clients.

Sergio López, CEO of Hiberus states, "In recent years we have managed to adapt to the complicated state of the Spanish market through a flexible service model based on the generation of value, which has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Thus, we have managed to serve clients both inside and outside Spain. The challenge of internationalization is a key and necessary strategic step to continue our level of growth,".

In the UK, while Brexit poses challenges, it also offers enormous opportunities for the government to learn new models of how to accelerate and scale-up the digital transformation within numerous departments.

In 2017, Hiberus Technology's UK subsidiary was created. In the same year, the Henneo Group, of which Hiberus is a member, was formed. The UK arm was established and is currently run by Cecil Adjalo, a technology consultant with wide experience in the market who previously worked for two of the Big Four consultancies. Setting up the business in a lean and efficient way has allowed Hiberus to pass cost savings directly to clients.

Hiberus believe that Brexit will be accompanied by a leakage of talent from the UK to mainly the rest of Europe hence reducing supply and as a result causing a UK wage increase. In the year ending September 2017, 130,000 people left the UK – the highest level since 2008, according to the ONS.The number of EU nationals coming to the UK for work has also fallen, dropping to 220,000 in the year ending September 2017. This spells a worsening situation for tech talent.

A large degree of the problem affecting the IT industry today lies in the severe lack of talent and qualified professionals in niche and modern technologies. At Hiberus, we have managed to overcome this problem by creating our own attraction, training and education centre to equip our people with the tools they need to perform excellent work for our clients now and in the future.

During the next two years, Hiberus will establish itself as a recognised software and technology services provider in the UK. One important step in doing this has been to become an approved provider of the UK government. Hiberus have successfully applied to provide 13 different services to UK public institutions via the G-Cloud 10 Framework. G-Cloud provides a safe platform for cloud services-based IT providers to work with the government. Hiberus are accustomed to running large projects in the public sector through numerous projects with the Government of Aragon, the Government of Navarra and the Community of Madrid. Serving the public sector is a massive strength for Hiberus and the extensive experience developed will be applied in the UK. Our operations will mainly be carried out from Zaragoza (Spain), where our headquarters are located. For many, Zaragoza is a city where the high standard of living and low costs give people an opportunity to enjoy the quality of life they desire strongly. Zaragoza’s strategic location between the two most important cities in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona enables business to be carried out easily.

Hiberus has pledged to offer a variety of service offerings to cover the needs of multiple different government institutions. The application window for G-Cloud 10 was opened on the 18th April 2018 with the deadline of 23rd May 2018. The results of the application process were announced on the 18th June 2018, with the go-live date beginning on the 2nd July 2018.

Hiberus has focused on offering a core set of foundation services on G-Cloud as well as some specific solutions. The offering includes software factory, business intelligence, data & analytics, and application management services. Technology based services focus on digital eCommerce solutions and content management systems (such as Hybris, Magento, Oracle ATG, WordPress, Drupal) as well as CRM and intranet solutions like SharePoint, CRM Dynamics and Liferay. Specialised solutions are an integrated ticketing & access control solution (IACPOS) and an integrated management system for reverse logistics (GISIR). Finally, one of Hiberus' main business areas, development and outsourcing, a tailor-made management model adapted to client needs, has also been included.

On G-cloud 10, there are 3,505 suppliers listed on the framework, most of which are SMEs. Last year, 48% of total sales through the framework were allocated to small IT providers. According to figures published jointly by the Government's Digital Service in early February 2018, more than £2.8 billion of cloud services have been purchased through the framework since its launch.


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