The Board of Directors of HIBERUS TECNOLOGÍAS DE LA INFORMACIÓN S.L ("HIBERUS") is responsible, among other things, for formulating the strategy and approving the Crime Prevention Policy, as well as organizing internal control systems for this purpose. In the exercise of this responsibility, and in line with its culture of preventing irregularities, it issues this Policy for the prevention of crimes.


Hiberus is committed to strictly complying with the current legislation in the scope of its activities, fully respecting the obligations and commitments assumed in its contractual relationships with third parties, and being aware of and complying with the laws and regulations that affect its respective areas of activity. It also respects the general principles of risk management for the prevention of crimes outlined in the Manual and compliance with the Code of Conduct approved by the company.


No employee of Hiberus will knowingly collaborate with third parties in the violation of any law, nor will they participate in actions that compromise the principle of legality.


Hiberus is committed to maintaining honest and upright behavior in all its actions, avoiding all forms of corruption, and always respecting the specific circumstances and needs of all parties involved in the company's business and professional activities.


The members of Hiberus' board of directors express their commitment to "zero tolerance" for crime and, in this context, reaffirm their firm opposition to the commission of any type of illicit or criminal act and their total commitment to make every effort to detect, prevent, and sanction fraudulent acts and behaviors that may be committed by their legal representatives, those authorized to make decisions on behalf of the company or who have powers of organization and control, their employees, managers, or any person under their authority, as well as to maintain at all times a corporate culture of honesty and ethics.


As a demonstration of this firm commitment, the Crime Prevention Management System is established. The Compliance Committee will periodically review the Crime Prevention Policy and propose to the Board of Directors any modifications and updates that contribute to its development and continuous improvement, taking into account, where applicable, the suggestions and proposals made by Hiberus professionals or other interested parties.



This Crime Prevention Policy was initially approved by the Board of Directors of HIBERUS TECNOLOGÍAS DE LA INFORMACIÓN S.L on June 30, 2017.