Compliance- Corporate Governance


COMPLIANCE- CORPORATE GOVERNANCE at Hiberus Tecnologías de la Información, SL.


HIBERUS promotes a culture of compliance among its employees, clients, and suppliers.


Hiberus Corporation continues to advance in the implementation of its Corporate Compliance and Risk Prevention system by implementing a management system and communication plan for its employees, collaborators, clients, and suppliers aimed at ensuring professional and commercial performance in line with the company's values and commitments, regulatory compliance, and risk prevention.


A compliance system in accordance with Hiberus Corporation's responsible ethical model


The Board of Directors of Hiberus has approved a Compliance and Crime Prevention program in order to provide companies with the necessary mechanisms to ensure compliance with legal regulations, self-regulation systems, commitments made, ethical and good governance framework, as well as to ensure compliance with business obligations to its clients, collaborators, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and society as a whole.


Our Compliance system is based on the prevention, detection, and compliance system of Grupo Henneo, seeking to integrate objectives through which we guarantee that our business is always conducted in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as based on our own principles and guidelines of good governance.


As part of the implementation of the Compliance and Risk Prevention Program, our key documents include our Prevention Policy and Code of Ethics, which, together with the current Corporate Social Responsibility, Occupational Risk Prevention Program, measures implemented in accordance with Data Protection regulations, environmental protection, and the Equality Plan, establish the guiding lines of compliance that we wish to instill in the minds and actions of all our employees, collaborators, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.


For Hiberus, promoting integrity means acting in accordance with our values of responsibility, excellence, and innovation in all our actions, in compliance with the law and our internal regulations.


We have a "zero" tolerance policy towards corruption and non-compliance with the principles of fair competition and unethical practices.


To ensure the maintenance of the system, the Board of Directors of Hiberus has identified and empowered a Compliance Committee composed of internal experts who actively participate in the day-to-day operations of the companies, providing advice on regulatory requirements and their compliance, compliance risk management, and the design of controls, action plans, self-assessments, and verifications.


Hiberus employees and management teams, collaborators, clients, suppliers, and any interested members of Hiberus Corporation can use the Ethics Channel to confidentially report any violations of the Code of Ethics at any time.


Please refer to our Prevention Policy HERE.


Please refer to our Code of Ethics HERE.