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We work and collaborate with top tier national and international companies in sectors such as Bank, Retail and Media.




Unify, integrate, analyze and share data easily and securely highly scalable thanks to Snowflake.

Snowflake Partners


We are Service Partner Elite by Snowflake platform and we have an extensive expertise in Data-driven development strategies, making us a top tier ally to leverage Snowflake in management, governance, integration, storage and data analysis.


We are the first Snowflake partner in Spain to achieve an Advanced Data Scientist certification, which positions us as leaders in the adoption of AI within Snowflake.

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Why Snowflake?

  • Unifies and integrates multiple clouds and geographic region into a single cloud through with it is possible to analyze and share data securely and governed.
  • Enables to take data-driven decisions, obtain modern and integrated data applications and generate new data-based revenue streams.
  • Enables to extract rapidly and cost-effectively the Data to provide the best service for the clients and uncover new market opportunities.
  • Guarantees immediate and secure access to the Data Cloud to share data in real time and connect with thousands of different organizations.

Nearshore to Spain and LATAM

As today, the attraction of IT profiles is becoming more and more difficult, many companies rely on nearshoring services to bridge the gap and boost their projects.
hiberus is your perfect partner because of our range of areas of competence and the pool of 3000+ IT deep-skilled professionals.



Data Cloud Workloads


Snowflake Data Cloud is the best platform for your data and your key work loads:


Data sharing

Delete data silos, access to detailed real-time data and securely share governed data while reducing costs at the same time.


Data Science and ML

Access to your data immediately, boost function engineering and data preparation, and perform modelling with the framework of your choice.



Leverages virtually unlimited storage, scalability and powerful analytics to detect threats and respond to incidents.


Data applications

Simplify the development of data applications and empower them with almost unlimited performace, concurrency and scalability.


Data Warehouse

Rapidly, reliably, securely and cost-effectively access to all your cloud-stored data to take data-driven business decisions.


Data Lake

Improve query performance and easily tranform all your data while benefiting from integrated security and governance.


Data Engineering

Create reliable and powerful data pipelines, and easily transform and deliver data for achieving a faster insight.



Work with transactional and analytical data together on a single platform and gain a unified approach to governance and security.

Our team skills

Tech Skills

  • Expert in SQL
  • Expert in real-time process programming
  • Expert in data-cloud solutions
  • Expert in process automation
  • Expert in driving large amounts of data
  • Continuous integration (Azure DevOps)
  • Alert Management (Opsgenie)
  • Editors (Visual Studio Code)
  • Internal tools (Snowpipe / Snowpark / Task&Streams / Continuous Data Protection / Snowsight)
  • Analytical and consulting skills
  • Ability to adapt to customer needs
  • Development resolutions under quality standards and deadlines
  • Development resolutions under quality standards and deadlines
  • Best practices of software engineering applied to data

We develop solutions and projects based on data technology according to each company's analytical maturity.

Why hiberus


Reference Company

We are a technology reference company that advances at great speed integrating the latest technological solutions to respond to new market demands.


Specialized team

We count with a unit specialized in Data & Analytics services made up of a professional’s team of specialized in technology, data analysis and innovation.



We are a Snowflake Services Partner Select. We provide our experience and knowledge in the platform so that customers can take full advantage of Snowflake solutions.


Extensive experience

We have experience in Big Data and advanced data analytics. We have worked in sectors such as industrial, transportation, tourism, public sector, marketing and media.


Competitive Prices

We offer advanced cloud solutions with the most competitive prices in the market and high-quality standards for higher performance and end-user satisfaction.



We offer a statistical and data analysis consulting service specialized by areas of knowledge. We support our clients, integrating ourselves as part of their team.


Snowflake is a unique, integrated data-cloud platform offered as a Service that combines Data Warehouse power with Big Data platforms flexibility and cloud elasticity. Snowflake is suitable with the main cloud services providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud).


It is intended to help organizations of all sizes break free from the limitations of conventional software and hardware. It is used for loading and consolidating information repositories from multiple sources into a centralized destination, as well as for data processing, analysis and querying.


Its application areas are: data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development and securely shared data exchange and consumption.

Snowflake is a multicluster shared data architecture built specifically for the cloud that delivers the performance, scalability, elasticity and concurrency that companies need to easily load, integrate, analyze and securely share data.


It is designed primarily to solve the problem of data silos. When data is trapped in different departmental silos or databases, it is difficult to join, augment and integrate it. In addition, a lot of time is wasted in trying to mobilize it. As a result, the value of the data in terms of quality and velocity is diminished.


This platform powers and provides access to a common repository of data in the cloud, including physically separate, but logically integrated tiers of storage, processing and global services. In this way, it enables the most critical data workloads from a single platform.

Snowflake platform has been gaining impetus in recent years due to the benefits it offers:


  • Unique platform with many workloads. It offers a multicluster shared data architecture cloud created that enables different teams to work on the same data simultaneously without impacting performance.
  • Data global solution. Synthesizes infrastructure complexity and avoids data silos to enable you to run your data solution across multiple clouds and regions, delivering a single consistent experience.
  • Unlimited performance and scalability. Adapts its capacity to support virtually unlimited data volume and number of users, as well as simultaneous workloads. All without reducing performance.
  • Secure and governed access to data. Enables users to share data in a secure and governed manner between departments and business units, or externally with customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • Near-zero maintenance. Requires little maintenance compared to other solutions, as it has features such as automatic scaling, automatic suspensions or big data workloads.

A Data Cloud is a platform that facilitates the migration of a company's information ecosystem and corporate data to the cloud from traditional on-premise repositories and data centers. Organizations use them to obtain flexible data exchanges, allowing them to make informed business decisions.


Cloud data platforms make it possible to manage and query data from any location, either remotely or locally. Data is stored in clusters that can be scaled up or down as the company's data and analytics needs change.

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse, differences


Data structure and purpose

A Data Lake is a set of raw data that has no defined purpose, while a Data Warehouse is a repository of structured and filtered data that has already been processed to fulfill a specific purpose.



In a Data Lake it is much easier to make changes to the configuration, since it is much more flexible because it has no structure. In Data Warehouse systems, on the other hand, because they involve numerous business processes, it is more complex and time consuming.



The analysis of data in a Data Lake is intended for Data Scientists, who are responsible for structuring the information and preparing it for analysis. However, in a Data Warehouse, the information can be handled by a wider audience, such as business users.



Data Warehouse is securer than Data Lake, where data is not as protected


The security of a Data Warehouse is much greater than that of a Data Lake, where the data is not as protected.

At hiberus we are a Snowflake Services Partner Select and we count with a team certified in the platform that has extensive experience in the development of data strategies. All our professionals are trained in the Snowflake PDP (Partnership Development Program) Invest course in Southern Europe and continue to be trained internally to learn about the latest updates available of the product.


This makes us the best partner to help you design, migrate, implement and get the most out of the Snowflake solutions best suited for your business.

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