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From hiberus Digital we help you to transform your business by using different tools as well as running action plans for the management of your B2C and B2B customers. We create your Marketing Automation plan focused on the user.

SAP, Salesforce and Adobe partners


We are partners of the leading tools in CRM and Marketing Automation,
such as SAP, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Adobe Campaign.


Customer-focused strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to manage and analyse interactions with customers, anticípate needs and desires, optimize profitability, increase sales and customize campaigns for capturing leads (potential customers).

It allows us to create a DB to be qualified and activated through processes automatization, achieving more customers and saving costs in the acquisition of new ones.

Conversion is the phase after capturing leads. It occurs when the user completes the action marked as a goal on our website, which is usually a purchase, but can also be a download or registration, among others.


Its importance is crucial for the success of digital businesses, since a website that does not obtain conversions is not profitable. Therefore, marketing automation actions must be focused on achieving conversions.

We can create loyalty among our customers by delivering them relevant and appropriate content in every of the stages.

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Nearshore to Spain and LATAM

As today, the attraction of IT profiles is becoming more and more difficult, many companies rely on nearshoring services to bridge the gap and boost their projects.
hiberus is your perfect partner because of our range of areas of competence and the pool of 3000+ IT deep-skilled professionals.



Why hiberus


Leaders in technology

We are one of the main Spanish IT companies so that we can support you with whatever of your needs.


Specialized team

We have a team of 50+ professionals specialized in inbound and CRM.

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Being at your side

We are committed with our customers so that you’ll have continuous communication with our team, being aware which is the status of the project.


Multidisciplinar team

We assign a multidisciplinar team adapted to your needs.


Automation tools allow to create automatic processes that, being done manually would be costly and complex. Besides managing time more efficiently, these tools allow marketing teams to invest their time in what really matters: generation of marketing and business strategies that deliver value for users and customers as for the company itself.

When we start using marketing automation actions, we are using a software so that these actions are activated automatically. Thanks to that, we’ll achieve more efficiency and results, as well as more control follow-up of the same.


These actions can be scheduled and executed along the customer journey, considering all the phases that a person goes through from their need is identified until the product or services is acquired.

Adobe Campaign and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are two key tools in marketing campaign management and automation. But both have very different origins.


While Salesforce was born focused as a CRM platform, Adobe Campaign has its roots as technical software for creative professionals.


The differences between Adobe Campaign and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are also related to two fundamental aspects; the data model of each and the CRM system. Although in Salesforce we can find more data tables for each type of client, with Adobe Campaign the data tables are condensed, which further simplifies the work process in sending campaigns. Another of the differential aspects is that Salesforce leads in its CRM technology, but Adobe Campaign has the possibility of creating a CRM system close to Salesforce through the union with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Although customer management (CRM) and marketing automation software may seem similar, they offer different functions and serve different purposes. And they are even more effective when used together with a comprehensive digital strategy.


CRM software is primarily used for sales and marketing automation is primarily used for marketing and loyalty.


The integration of CRM and marketing automation will increase the results of your business and improve the customer experience.

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