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experts in Liferay


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Customized digital experiences

In hiberus we help you to drive the digital transformation of your business by creating customized digital experiences with Liferay to improve your audience digital experience.

Liferay Platinum Service Partners


We are Liferay Platinum Partners and have the certification Liferay DXP Cloud Specialized Partner, that position us as expert and qualified partner to develop and implant projects around all the suite of Liferay products and solutions based on Cloud (Liferay DXP Cloud and Liferay Experience Cloud).

We count with years of experience, certifications and a outstanding team qualified for the development and migration of business critical solutions under Liferay DXP and Liferay DXP Cloud platforms, as well as the development and maximization of platform capabilities and the integration with Liferay Commerce or Liferay Analytics Cloud.


We received Liferay Innovation Partner Award of the year


Tech Skills

  • Experts in the Liferay products range
  • Experts in the definition and development of digital solutions
  • Experts in the deployment and commissioning of customized digital experiences
  • Expert consultants in web portals and user experience
  • Experts in Liferay version migrations
  • Experts in migrations and evolutions from others CMS platforms to Liferay
  • Liferay Digital Experience Platform
  • Liferay Experience Cloud
  • Portlets, Themes, Layouts, ADT, Fragments, FreeMarker, OSGi
  • Java/JEE, OSGi, Spring Framework, JPA, Bootstrap JS, React, Angular, Maven, GIT

Liferay Products

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Liferay DXP

Digital experience platform for the commissioning of digital solutions and portals in a common platform that allows to evolve their digital strategy organizations and improve the user experience.

Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP Cloud

Enterprise solution that brings the benefits of Liferay DXP to the cloud to help organizations to reduce facility complexity, increase agility, and respond quickly to user needs.

Liferay Commerce

Liferay Commerce

Platform that provides optimal management of B2B and B2C digital shopping experiences by improving and simplifying processes to ensure the growth of your business.

Liferay Analytics

Analytics Cloud

Fully integrated SaaS solution natively with Liferay that allows you to analyze, measure and use the users data of use and behaviour in the platform to offer a greater degree of customization in portals.

Featured Success Stories

We design unique experiences

Nearshore to Spain and LATAM

As today, the attraction of IT profiles is becoming more and more difficult, many companies rely on nearshoring services to bridge the gap and boost their projects.
hiberus is your perfect partner because of our range of areas of competence and the pool of 3000+ IT deep-skilled professionals.



Why Liferay?


Leader during 12 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)


Software used by more than 1300 companies in the sector of manufacturing, insurance, financial services, Health services, Government, etc.


Maximum flexibility and agility in creating highly customized digital experiences to every need

Why hiberus


Leaders in technology

We are one of the main Spanish technology companies. With more than 6 business units and 42 areas of specialization, we can give solution to any of your needs.

Equipo especializado

Specialized Team

Our team is specialized in the development and migration of solutions from the Liferay DXP and Liferay DXP cloud platform, but also in the integration of Liferay Commerce and Liferay Analytics Cloud.

Certificaciones Liferay


We have a highly trained and certified team thanks to the vendor’s official training and certification program. We have more than 20 certifications at Liferay.


Prior consultancy

We follow a consultative approach that helps us understand the requirements and needs of our customers in order to design the ideal system for each of them.

Acompañamiento Liferay


We are at your side throughout the life cycle of the solution implementation and offer you continuous communication with our team so you know how the project evolves.

Calidad y satisfacción Liferay

Quality and satisfaction

Our goal is to meet quality standards and obtain customer satisfaction. We strive to the maximum in each project to always offer you the best guarantees of success.


Liferay is a digital experience platform (DXP) that allows you to face the evolution and digital transformation of companies by unifying all solutions in one platform to offer a better customer experience.


It is designed to integrate with the existing business processes and technology in each company for the implementation of customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of the business, such as corporate portals, customer portals and self-service, ecommerce portals, employee portals, modern intranets or integration platforms.

Liferay is an optimal alternative to face the most complex digital business challenges, eliminating silos through technological integration to create improved and truly connected experiences for internal and external users.


Among the many advantages it provides, the following stand out:


  • It is a flexible and Open-source platform that fits the requirements of each business for the implementation of customized corporate portals
  • Use legacy systems that enable a multitude of integrations with different applications to fit your current ecosystem
  • It permits to build all kind of corporative digital solutions for your company and fully customized the user experience in the different channels
  • Streamline your business operations and facilitate the management of multiple systems by unifying all data and systems into a single digital platform
  • It allows to launch in a fast and flexible way new portals, solutions and digital experience thanks to the amount of functionalities ntegrates natively.

Liferay provides you customized experiences for all the customer journey through various products :

Liferay DXP y Liferay DXP

  1. Analytics and optimization : analytics tools such as A/B tests, dynamic segemntation of the audience and content recommendations based on automatic learning in order to have a global view of the platform performance.
  2. Collaboration and social: blogs, wikis, forums, social networks, calendar, alerts and announcements, surveys and other functionalities that connect people and systems in an interface.
  3. Content management: content management functions that support the creation and management of web content and digital assets in a structured way.
  4. Experiences management : creation and customization of website pages fastly and easily in order to offer a better digital experience and adapted to the users needs. Possibility to analyze results to obtain information such as improve those experiences.
  5. Form automation, workflows and business processes: creating custom workflows and generating forms to simplify business processes and provide access to all information.
  6. Integration and interoperability: gifted with tools and framework that ensure an easy integration with any software in order to gather every systems and data in a unique platform
  7. Multichannel support: : multichannel delivery and support to deliver an optimal experience across different channels, devices and touch points.
  8. Others:
    1. Indetity and access control management
    2. Platform services
    3. Segmentation and customization
    4. Smart searches (HA, CI/CD, Monitorización, Seguridad, Gobernanza)
    5. Cloud capacities (HA, CI/CD, monitoring, security, governance)


Liferay Commerce (B2b & B2C)

  1. Content and website management
  2. Catalog management
  3. Navigation of catalogues and products
  4. Checkout
  5. Cost and discount management
  6. Payment and taxes management
  7. Orders and deliveries management
  8. Accounts and users management
  9. Sales support and customer service area


Analytics Cloud

  1. Website analysis
  2. Pages and assets analysis
  3. Individual profiles and accounts
  4. Segments
  5. A/B Testing

Liferay 7.4 is the last Liferay version, it includes new functionalities which helps to:

  • Optimize digital experiences with information based on data thanks to the used of A/B tests, content panel and content performance.
  • Empower professionals to build optimal digital experiences with asset repositories, documents and multimedia and fragments.
  • Create a seamless B2B sale experience with order type pricing and discounts, account management widget and product image optimization.
  • Manage digital experiences using Low-Code/No-Code capabilities with features such as adaptive media, collection display, forms, on-site navigation and Liferay Objects.
  • Reduce costs and efforts to launch and maintain digital experiences with asset repositories, item selector, publications, search reindexation, site templates and theme architecture, among others.
  • Leverage Liferay DXP as the foundation of your business ecosystem with Audit, Click-toChat, Headless API, DocuSign Integration, Multi-Factor Authentication and OpenID Connect, among others.

Our alliances with leading companies in the market allow us to offer our clients the best specialized and personalized solutions.


We are a specialized partner with double certification, Liferay Gold Service Partner and Liferay DXP Cloud Specialized Partner, which makes us the ideal partner to help you to implement the optimal Liferay solutions according to your project. All this with the aim of achieving a powerful, professional and easy to manage website.

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