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Highly specialized profiles

  • SEO experts in the definition of organic positioning strategies
  • SEO consultants
  • SEO specialists with a multidisciplinary approach
  • Technical SEO experts
  • SEO experts in content creation
  • SEO experts in day-to-day project growth
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Benchmark
  • Information Architecture Definition
  • Crawl and Indexing Analysis
  • On-Page SEO Improvements
  • Off-Page SEO and Linkbuilding
  • Interlinking
  • Multisite Strategies
  • Local SEO Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Specialized Content Writing
  • Analytical and consulting skills
  • Ability to adapt to Google's changes
  • Strategic and business vision
  • Communication and writing skills
  • Continuous learning and training

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Nearshore to Spain and LATAM

As today, the attraction of IT profiles is becoming more and more difficult, many companies rely on nearshoring services to bridge the gap and boost their projects.
hiberus is your perfect partner because of our range of areas of competence and the pool of 3000+ IT deep-skilled professionals.



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Dedicated team

Through hiberus Search, we provide you with the SEO team that your business needs, from auditors, consultants, and SEO strategy specialists to full-time dedicated profiles.


Extense experience

We have over 10 years of experience in the sector. We have our own work methodology to lay the foundation for a good personalized strategy.

Equipo multidisciplinar


We are experts in implementing and optimizing SEO strategies for multiple technological platforms, CMS, ecommerce, and content.


Content experts

We generate quality content that complements and continuously improves the SEO strategy. We adapt the editorial line to different target audiences and sectors.



We respond to the client's needs with an SEO strategy tailored to each project and its global objectives. We hold regular project follow-up meetings.


Success Guarantee

We have worked on projects where we have achieved an increase of over 300% in captured traffic, as well as a 200% increase in revenue level.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which refers to a set of techniques and actions applied to a website to improve its position and visibility on search engines. Its objective is to make the website appear among the first search results when a user makes a specific query. This way, the chances of getting visits are increased.

A website that appears on the first page of Google has much more chances of getting visits, as most users do not go beyond the first page when they perform a search on the internet. Therefore, if a business wants to remain visible in the online environment, it must appear in the top positions of the search engine rankings.


This is why SEO is one of the most important pillars within digital marketing strategies. It allows improving the visibility, relevance, and authority of the domain in search results, achieving a better capture of qualified traffic and, consequently, results in business figures.

SEO On Page refers to all the techniques that are performed within the website itself to improve its organic ranking. This includes using appropriate keywords, optimizing metadata, improving speed and usability, optimizing and indexing content, internal linking strategy, etc.


SEO Off Page, on the other hand, refers to techniques that are carried out outside the website, but also help to improve its ranking. This includes link building, social media use, guest blogging, the number and quality of external links to the website, performance in search results, local media mentions, etc.

Local SEO is a set of techniques aimed at improving the ranking of a website based on the business's location and user geolocation. Its goal is to make a business found by potential customers who are in the same area and perform searches related to that business. Therefore, what distinguishes local SEO from general SEO is the geographic component.

SEO and SEM have a common goal: to improve the positioning of a website in search engines. However, they are two different strategies.


While SEO focuses on improving visibility and relevance organically or naturally in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of running advertising campaigns through paid ads on platforms such as Google Ads.


The key is to work on a project that allows SEO to complement SEM and vice versa, since these two strategies feed off each other and reinforce each other. This way, there will be more chances of achieving the joint objective: appearing in the top search results.

At hiberus, we have a specialized consultancy in SEO and content positioning, hiberus Search. We are experts in implementing and optimizing SEO strategies for multiple platforms such as Xalok, Drupal, AEM, WordPress, Magento, Salesforce, or SAP CX, as well as generating quality content adapted to different sectors.


Through hiberus Search, our experts in the field accompany you in the planning, development, and publication of your project to help you achieve your goals: increase in traffic, improvement in conversion rate, lead generation, and increased revenue.

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