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Accelerate your company's growth with generative AI



Generative AI is one of the most revolutionary and promising technologies of our time, as it has the potential to expand the capabilities of companies and radically change our work and the way we work.


Its introduction into the business world is advancing unstoppably and has already been implemented in many organizations to increase their productivity, performance, agility and efficiency. However, there is still much to discover. And that is precisely our purpose: to help you explore all its possibilities.


Our team of Data and AI experts have developed GenIA Ecosystem, an ecosystem of proprietary conversational AI, content and data generation solutions adapted to the needs of each market and client. Through these solutions, we help you harness the power of generative AI to propel your business into the future.



We respond to business challenges faced with AI


At hiberus we respond to business challenges faced with AI with tailored solutions and our support and advisory, training and consulting services.


Lack of understanding. Companies do not know what AI is and how they can implement it in their operations. The technical skills to develop and maintain AI systems are scarce.


Ethics and regulation. AI raises ethical and regulatory issues, such as liability for decisions made by AI systems, bias in AI algorithms, and data privacy and protection.


Resistance to change. New technologies always generate resistance to change on the part of employees and stakeholders. The organizational and cultural change required to adopt AI can be a significant challenge.


Data management. AI requires large amounts of data to train and improve models. Companies may face difficulties in collecting, storing and managing this data.


Systems integration. A company's existing IT architecture may not be compatible with AI technologies, which would require significant restructuring.


Cost. The cost of developing and implementing AI in companies includes the creation of AI infrastructure and the hiring of specialized personnel, continuous maintenance and improvement of AI systems.



We reinvent businesses and professionals with the force of intelligence





GenIA Ecosystem is an integrated set of technologies, tools, services and resources that allow you to harness the power of generative AI for content generation, AI-assisted design, process optimization or automated decision making.


h-smart Conversational

Serves to develop and implement custom chatbots with advanced natural language processing and generation capabilities, as well as security protocols to ensure the protection of interactions.

h-complex Data

Allows you to classify and extract data from documents, analyze construction regulatory compliance, manage incidents and make personalized recommendations based on the type of user.

h-content Generation

Used to generate code from textual descriptions, detect offensive images or images with the potential to be offensive in e-commerce and generate content through LLM models.

Thanks to GenIA Ecosystem we can help you drive efficiency, improve customer service, create memorable experiences, optimize your team's performance and generate new business opportunities.

Why choose GenIA Ecosystem


Generates new ideas, designs and strategies, promoting innovation in products, services and processes.

Transform the way you work by optimizing processes and operations and automating tasks to reduce your operating costs and improve efficiency. 

Stay ahead of market trends and respond faster to changes to gain a competitive advantage.

Expand your capabilities generating product designs, writing reports, creating new products or translating languages.

Automate repetitive and tedious tasks and focus on tasks with higher added value.

Strengthens decision making and improves the accuracy of predictions and projections from data.

A proposal for each market

Our strategic partners


We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the field of Data and AI and a Microsoft Partner with more than 11 competencies. In addition, we are Partners of Azure, Google and Advanced Tier Services Partners of AWS with certification in Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Solutions Architect


Nearshore to Spain and LATAM

As today, the attraction of IT profiles is becoming more and more difficult, many companies rely on nearshoring services to bridge the gap and boost their projects.
hiberus is your perfect partner because of our range of areas of competence and the pool of 3000+ IT deep-skilled professionals.



Why hiberus


Reference company

We are a leading technology company that advances at high speed, integrating the latest technological solutions to respond to the new needs of the market.


AI experts

We have a team of more than 25 experts in generative AI with more than 12,000 hours invested in research, training and Generative AI projects in 2023.



Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the main markets allows us to offer Generative AI solutions adapted to the needs of each of them.


Technological capacity

As global technology providers with great technological capacity and our own ecosystem of Generative AI solutions, we are prepared to offer each business the solution it needs.



We are partners with the market leaders in the field of data and Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft, Azure, Google and AWS.


Support and training

We help you take advantage of the full potential of Generative AI and obtain a competitive advantage in your sector with valuable services such as support, advice and training.

Reinvent your business with GenIA