Quality Policy


The aim of the Quality Management System Policy of Hiberus is to ensure that we have the capability to provide products and services that fully comply and satisfy the requirements of our clients and stakeholders, increasing their satisfaction by means of quality management and continuous improvement.

This policy has been approved by the Executive Officer of Hiberus, who assumes the commitment to integrate this policy in high level and daily management, to review it every year and to communicate it in the organization, in order to ensure its alignment. According to this policy, the objectives are:

  • Correct communication and treatment of management incidences.
  • The Quality Manager is in charge of maintaining this policy, procedures and to provide support for their implementation.
  • Compliance of the legal and regulatory requirements, client requirements, Quality Management System (QMS) requirements and those requirements that affect to our activities, products and services.
  • Plan, implement, maintain, review, and improve continuously the QMS to optimize its operation.
  • Involve the employees in the quality management, by means of the Quality policy communication and their comprehension, their participation, their involvement and responsibility assumption, in order to meet this Policy and procedures, according to their position, role and responsibilities


The aim of this Security Management System Policy is to protect the information assets of Hiberus.

According to this policy, the security information objectives are:

  • Protection of the information assets against availability, confidentiality or integrity loss.
  • Protection of the information assets against non-authorized access.
  • Compliance of the security business requirements, legal and regulatory requirements and contractual security requirements and commitments.
  • Communication and proper management of security incidences.
  • Definition and implementation of security controls to ensure the Security Policy adhesion, the alignment with the organization risk management strategy and the risk assessment criteria.
  • The Responsible or the Information Security Management System (ISMS Responsible) is in charge of both maintaining this policy and the ISMS procedures, and providing support for their implementation.
  • Every employee must comply with this Policy and the ISMS procedures, according to their position, role and responsibilities.
  • As a commitment of Hiberus we will implement, maintain, control and monitor a continuous improvement or our ISMS.
  • This Policy has been approved by the Executive Officer of Hiberus and will be reviewed every year.