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Simplicity and comfort to guarantee the best shopping experience.

Through the web you can access from any point with internet connection, in a 24×7 schedule, to the products offered by our clients. Whether it’s a guided tour of a museum, the purchase of a dance pass or the annual pass to a leisure park, our online ticketing system offers a simplicity and convenience in the purchase that guarantees a great user experience.

The cloud service can offer the same type of tickets as the box office or you can use exclusive tickets to encourage the use of the sales website. In addition, if you decide to share products, each channel can be published with different validity dates, different prices and different commissions.

The online sale allows to offer sections in which registration is mandatory to access better prices and products. Thus, sales management for groups, professionals and associations is independent of the configuration offered to the general public. In addition, the system allows the registration to be validated by the head of the center before the web user can access those privileges. Define and distribute promotional codes among your most important customers or on social networks to set the image of your center.


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The IACPOS solution provides different online services to facilitate access to visitors through new technologies

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