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IACPOS is a solid block of guarantees which enables responding to the needs and expectations of both, current and future clients.

The objective is to have the best product on the market with the best team trained, under the combination of 4 key factors:


Focused on supporting operations customized for client´s needs, proficient in the sector and and with the ability to be adapted to the life cycles of the client’s own management system, facing any peak in an efficient way.

Sales Solution

Based on flexibility and adaptation to the new market needs in terms of growth capacity, integration with third parties or opening up towards new sales channels.

An infrastructure

And hardware according to the project’s complexity, complying with the quality and safety standards dealing with the solution´s scale

A product

Solvent, referenced and robust in the management of tickets and accesses to the monument.

Integral ticket sales solutions

IACPOS was implemented in the market 15 years ago providing solutions in Ticketing and Access Control Systems, being Museums and Exhibition Centers its main field. IACPOS adapts perfectly to current the requirements with the approach of Integrated Ticketing and Control of Access Solution.

Currently, the main sales channel used are the ticket offices, which account for a large percentage of total revenue, so it is essential that the solution is well established in order to avoid operational errors at critical moments of massive public flows, like control of accesses must be guaranteed its operation.

It is in this area where IACPOS is particularly such an efficient tool and its large number of implementations reference this fact.

On the other hand, the emergence of additional channels of sale facilitates the operation and provides new opportunities to reach the VISITOR/CLIENT.

These new sales channels are already indispensable for booking/sales of tickets and activities, whether they are for individuals or groups, individuals or tourist service organisations. They facilitate the booking/sale to the visitor and simplify the management process.

It is in the area of communications and marketing, with such a relevant importance in the daily activities, where the use of new technologies becomes essential.
Marketing and sales are totally united, so it is no longer just a matter of communicating or selling, it must be understood as a whole in an entire project.







Build up from a basic configuration to the complete installation process with all its modules and functions.



Basic functionalities can be adapted to any customer, whatever your needs.



Highly versatile solution to meet personalized characteristics and different needs.


Open IT platform

The software is linkable with third-party’s IT systems.


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